SvG Watermeyer

Originating from the small town of Middleburg in the Eastern Cape, Sivu Watermeyer aka SvG Watermeyer moved to Cape Town at the age of five. His love of soulful house music began on the dance floor and he was inspired by artists such as Charles Webster, Jimpster, Atjazz, Glenn Underground and Frankie Feliciano. He began making music as a pastime on basic software and upon meeting a DJ from New York by the name of Tony Morris and learning about the origins of house music and the legendary Paradise Garage his passion and determination deepened.

Being quiet in nature he describes music as being a way to express himself and evoke emotion. "Music is a universal language greater than all and second to none. I put a lot of emotion into my music and try and reach the soul of the listener and open a channel of communication where the listener can hear where I am at that moment and take them on the journey I went on while making the track."